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The French Gin

Discover G’Vine, a truly unique product that is a cut above the rest in the world of gin. It is complex and delicate, known for its exquisite and intense floral aroma thanks to its rare botanical origins. Vine blossoms are macerated in neutral grape spirit, giving it a round and harmonious flavor and making this Gin de France a truly one-of-a-kind luxury gin. It was created in 2006 at Maison Villevert in the Cognac region, and has continued raising the bar in gin excellence ever since.

The French art de vivre. An appreciation for the finer things in life: taking pleasure in luxury, savoring moments of beauty and tastes of passion. Our elegant gin perfectly embodies this French art of living. Experience it for yourself by trying G’Vine neat or in an exquisite gin and tonic. Indulge in the unforgettable sensory experience created by its bouquet of botanical notes, spices, and juniper berry.

La fleur de vigne au cœur du gin


Gin: unconventional by nature

It was in the heart of the 16th century family home Maison Villevert, where G’Vine was first dreamed up and is now produced. Unconventional by its very nature, it is a gin made of grapes instead of more common lower quality grains. It is from the imagination of master distiller Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, that this gin was brought to life by the untapped potential he saw in the grapes of his home in the Cognac region.

The bold choice to use vine blossoms in G’Vine is an innovative step in French luxury. Each grape flower contributes to the heady aromas we have come to know and love as the great flavors synonymous with the best wines of the region. By playing with conventions and bucking the norms, Jean-Sébastien Robicquet offers gin lovers an unparalleled experience. In a world where every gin is competing to stand out, it is this luxurious botanical that Maison Villevert values so preciously and gratifyingly maintains as its signature taste and aroma.

Going back to the roots

Hugely trendy in the 1960s, gin’s popularity has been revived over the last decade, and G’Vine continues to lead the charge as a luxury Gin de France. Harmoniously combining vine blossoms with French grape brandy and ten other aromatic spices and herbs, G’Vine’s truly unique blend creates a seductive and opulent experience that you’ll never forget.


Gin: six centuries of history

To trace gin back to its original source, we must travel back in time to where it first appeared in 1495 in Holland. A century later, in 1575, it was imported to England where it was so popular that under the reign of William III of Orange at the end of the 17th century, gin became the only authorized brandy. It was during this period that the first English gins appeared. Since then there have been two distinct families of gin: the Dutch double-distilled gin, and the London Dry Gin, produced of a single-distillation process.

The vine blossoms at the heart of G’Vine

The aromatic enigma at the heart of G’Vine lies in our use of vine blossoms: a specimen both rare and complex to work with. The flower is ephemeral by nature, appearing for only a few days each year. From these few days in June, winemakers can count forward about one-hundred more days to predict the precise date of harvest.

To understand how exceptionally rare G’Vine gin is, we must look more closely at the delicacies of working with these vine blossoms. The quickly fleeting grape flowers are no doubt essential in the process of grape production. Therefore, picking them when they blossom in the spring greatly reduces the harvest volume in September. In addition, when taking into account unpredictable changes in climate and the risk of frost or hail, the actuality of these few short-lived days of flowering become even more crucial.

G’Vine production methods

The vast majority of gins produced around the world are made from distilled grains. However, G’Vine is not the vast majority of gins! Instead, G’Vine is produced by Jean-Sébastien Robicquet and our team at Maison Villevert, using neutral grape spirit. Not only do grapes produce a sweeter liquor than grain, but they also create a more nuanced backdrop for developing a well-balanced gin. This innovation as well as our forward-thinking use of vine blossoms, are where G’Vine deviates from the norms of gin production, creating a unique luxury gin and offering new aromatic experiences.

Each vine blossom is harvested by hand before being macerated in grape brandy for a few days, and then distilled into an exquisitely fragrant alcohol. This flower essence alcohol is then harmoniously combined with other plant and spice distillates to form a unique and nuanced spirit. This spirit then undergoes a second and final distillation in an alembic dubbed “Lily-Fleur,” in the penultimate step of this Gin de France, before finally obtaining G’Vine.