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Gin and Tonic

how do you enhance an already legendary cocktail?

Gin and tonics are still on trend despite having been created nearly two centuries ago. The gin and tonic is listed on menus everywhere that G’Vine– the French gin– is served! It is a refreshing and aromatic drink that has delighted palates for years and reinvents itself over time.

Gin de France

Gin and tonic:
all variations

Gin and tonic is a fabulous cocktail with sensible origins. Almost two centuries ago, officers of the British East India Company were forced to consume quinine to protect themselves against Malaria.

In order to combat quinine’s bitterness, they began adding gin, sugar, and water. Today’s tonic water actually contains small amounts of quinine which is responsible for its signature bitter notes.

Gin and tonic: the most popular recipes

The most common and classic gin and tonic is prepared with gin, and either Schweppes or Fever Tree tonic. However, since the 80s many variations on the classic have been invented. A floral gin and tonic tastes just as the name would suggest, and is prepared by replacing tonic with a hibiscus premium mixer. Dare to add a note of citrus with a slice of orange or grapefruit in your glass.

How do you prepare a gin and tonic with G’Vine?

Start with a large wine glass or a stemmed beer glass. Throw in four or five medium sized ice cubes. Pour in 4 cl of G’Vine Floraison Gin de France, and 12 cl of Schweppes or Fever Tree. Your resulting cocktail will be a refined pale green hue which you can decorate with either a lemon wedge or some white grapes.

The key to a successful gin and tonic

An average quality gin and tonic might be simple to make, but a luxury gin and tonic takes quality and precision. Choose large solid ice cubes that melt more slowly than the more common hollow ones so the cocktail is refreshed without being diluted. These are the kinds of details that make the difference between a mediocre gin and tonic and a perfect one!

Gin de France
Gin de France

High quality

G’Vine: the green gin made in France from distilled grapes.

The juniper berries are enhanced by a bouquet of aromatic plants and spices that create new gin flavors. Elegant, sweet and floral notes marry perfectly with premium tonics to the awe and excitement of your palate.

A tip for successful cocktails

Choose your glass carefully. If it’s too narrow it won’t allow the aromas to properly spread and breathe. G’Vine and tonic is best sipped from a broad, stemmed glass with ample room for the flavors to expand.