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The Original
Gin de France

Gin is back in vogue! Thanks to the hard work and delicious spirits of a few independent and innovative producers including Maison Villevert, French gin has entered the ranks as one of the most premium spirits in the world.

The reason? Classic French know-how and art de vivre speak for themselves. But what about the savoir-faire passed down through generations of working this unique French land? And what about local production, and a taste for innovation? These are all of the things and more that Maison Villevert offers with G’Vine Floraison, our unconventional and original Gin de France from the Cognac region.

Gin de France

Gin and the
French art de vivre

Despite being known for its local wines and gastronomy, France has become one of the supreme purveyors of gin, a spirit of Anglo-Saxon origins.

It is in part thanks to this local mastery of the spirit’s production that gin has seen a resurgence in French culture. Relaunched in 1996, French gin has now permeated the globe among the most luxurious international spirits with the help of passionate and creative bartenders.

Gin de France: a renewed passion

Gin enjoyed a period of prosperity and popularity in Europe from the 1920s to the 1960s, followed by a drastic drop in consumption up until the early 2000s. Since then, however, some avant-garde distillers have made it their mission to produce locally developed French gins with radical flavors. Counted among them, our Maison Villevert!

Where would we be without lovable bartenders around the world? It is thanks to creative and passionate mixologists that our Gin de France has become so successful. Eager to share their expertise and impress your palates, they never tire of creating new and blissful cocktails inspired by the aromatic bouquets of G’Vine Floraison.

G’Vine and the French way of life

The experience of indulging in G’Vine is emblematic of the French art de vivre, no matter where in the world you are. Each sip adds to the nuances of flavor and brings you closer to a deep heritage of refined techniques and local products developed over centuries. Take your time when you drink G’Vine; savor each unique moment presented to you in a large round glass, accented by ice cubes and a few grapes.

Gin de France
Gin de France

Gin that’s created and produced
in Cognac

G’Vine’s success rests on an ancestry of centuries-old history and know-how.

Inspired by the original gin makers of the 15th and 16th centuries, Jean-Sébastien Robicquet chose to use a base of grape brandy. With vine blossoms that come from French land and botanicals and spices that come from all four corners of the earth, G’Vine creates its signature global flavor. A modern Gin de France with tastes from all of the world, made entirely in the Cognac region of France.