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G’Vine gin

G’Vine stands out among other premium liqueurs due to its unique composition. Its strength stands on four essential pillars dictated by the imagination of Maison Villevert’s owner Jean-Sébastien Robicquet: grape brandy, the rare and delicate vine blossom, carefully curated plants and spices, and a hint of France’s heritage of art de vivre. These are the four tenants to our perfectly unconventional Gin de France from the treasured Cognac region.

Grappes de raisin

grape flowers

Our story begins each June when the vine blossoms appear and seem to be gone in the blink of an eye. Within a fleeting five day period, each grape flower must be delicately harvested by hand, capturing their precious aroma that won’t be fully revealed until the distillation process.

The vine blossoms are sorted through, discarding any blossoms that don’t meet the highest standard. Then the selection is enclosed in a muslin bag and submerged in grape brandy to steep for several days.

Jean-Sébastien Robicquet selects the additional plants and spices from all over the world to complete G’Vine’s signature recipe.

Gin distillation:
a rare savoir-faire

The unique expertise of our master distillers comes from a long heritage of distillers. Over time, their machines have been modified and perfected to develop the highest quality perfumes and spirits, each distillery maintaining its own idiosyncrasies and secrets of production. With state of the art equipment and a goal to make the most dazzling gin, master distillers give free reign to their artistry, curating the best blends their imaginations can think of.

G’Vine: a unique and unconventional gin

What makes G’Vine Floraison so distinct isn’t just the ingredients themselves, but also the techniques used in distilling them. First the aromatic plants and spices are separated into four groups. Each group is individually macerated, distilled, and then purified into the truest form of their essences. From there, each distillate is blended together creating the modern and unconventional G’Vine.

Le Raisin, Ingrédient noble du gin