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Gin Fizz

A gin fizz is a must! It is, after all, the cousin of the gin and tonic.

Sparkling and refreshing, it is as ideal for an aperitif as it is to accompany your long summer nights. It’s simple to make with only a few ingredients, and is the base for many variations, including the famous Ramos gin fizz.

Gin Fizz

45 ml
Gin G’Vine Floraison

Some lemon
cream, an egg...


Despite many ou all the ingredients, Gin Fizz is very easy to prepare :

45 ml – 1½ oz G’Vine Gin Floraison
1 Tbsp. simple syrup
30 ml – 1 oz fresh lemon juice
15 ml – ½ oz fresh lime juice
1 fresh egg white
30 ml – 1 oz heavy cream
3 drops orange flower water
30 ml – 1 oz club soda, chilled

Combine all the ingredients, except the soda, in a shaker and shake vigorously. Serve in a highball glass filled with ice and top with the soda.

Legend has it, this cocktail was invented by British sailors to fight against scurvy, just as they had invented gin and tonics to fight against malaria.
When prepared with G’Vine Floraison, a gin fizz is even more exciting and refreshing with the smooth round aromas of our Gin de France.

Gin fizz: a must-have gin cocktail

You’ll have an easy time finding a gin fizz wherever you are, as it is a cocktail that’s adored the world over. It’s necessary to have a little lemon, sugar, sparkling water, and gin. And with G’Vine Floraison your gin fizz will be just as joyful as it always is, with a more sophisticated, delicate, and slightly spicy flavor.