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It’s obvious that gin has returned in popularity with full force. Its growing notoriety is in part thanks to inspired distillers like Jean-Sébastien Robicquet who have been bold enough to try to bring innovative new products to the market. In 2006 he and the rest of our Maison Villevert team from the Cognac region, created G’Vine Floraison: a gin that dares to be different, to be unconventional.

Grappes de raisin

unconventional by nature

Our team relied on ancestral know-how and mastery of the land to create a gin that challenges traditional varieties like London Dry Gin.

Indeed, with such a rich heritage of grape distillation in the Cognac region it was a natural but gutsy choice to use grapes instead of grains as a neutral base spirit in our Gin de France. And it has paid off, making G’Vine the most provocative addition to the market.

In addition to the daring use of neutral grape spirit in G’Vine Floraison, the bravest decision was to use vine blossoms as our secret ingredient. Relying on vine blossoms is inherently risky. Their occurrence relies entirely on climate, leaving the exact time of harvest uncertain until the last moment. Once the flower are harvested, they macerate for several days in our alembic named Flo, distilling the purest essence the blossoms have to offer.


A gin, by definition, must include juniper berry as one of its ingredients. Our juniper comes from Macedonia and macerates in our neutral grape spirit for five days, maintaining its purest aromas and eliminating its slightly bitter edge. Our nine other plants and spices are sourced from around the world:

  • Nigerian ginger
  • Guatemalan cardamom
  • Chinese licorice
  • Sri Lankan cinnamon
  • Indonesian cassis
  • Indian cubeba berries
  • Bulgarian coriander
  • Indonesian nutmeg
  • Lime from Brazil and Spain

These ingredients are macerated or distilled by family before joining the vine blossom and juniper distillates for one final distillation in the alembic, Lily Flower. Without such precision and meticulous methods, G’Vine Floraison wouldn’t be so surprising and nuanced, or so “unconventional by nature.”

G’Vine: an unconventional gin

G’Vine Floraison’s revolutionary nature is what makes it so seductive to gin lovers. In fact, it’s now one of the three most popular super premium gins in the world. G’Vine is authentic and unique, and surpasses all the desires of gin enthusiasts everywhere.

Today’s bartenders have elevated mixology to an art form. They find constant inspiration in the endless mixing possibilities of G’Vine Floraison. Our smooth, round Gin de France makes a plethora of innovative recipes possible thanks to its ability to complement and enhance any number of ingredients.

That’s why you can find our unique gin at the best cocktail bars, the best wine shops, and in the best restaurants in the world.

Le Raisin, Ingrédient noble du gin