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gin and tonic

Our recipe for a gin and tonic is as tasty as it is simple.

First, use G’Vine Floraison: a Gin de France not quite like the rest. Second, focus on floral notes, rather than citrus fruits, to enhance your classic cocktail.

Gin de France

Gin and tonic plus
a little something extra

A union between a unique gin and a bespoke tonic, the G’Vine and tonic is a bit more special than your basic G&T, and here’s why…

The benefits of G’Vine Floraison

Using G’Vine as the main component of your gin and tonic guarantees its uniqueness. With neutral grape spirit as its base, it possesses a natural sweetness unknown to grain-based gins. The use of grape makes G’Vine Floraison smooth and round in flavor. But that’s not the only thing that makes it special. Our Gin de France is made from spring harvested vine blossoms, as well as nine other aromatic plants and spices, including the infamous juniper berry. The result is a gin that is an aromatic bouquet unlike any other.

How to make a gin and tonic?

Anyone can make a G&T. All you need is ice cubes, gin, tonic, and some fruit for garnish. To prepare a G’Vine and tonic first fill your glass with ice. Then pour in a cap-full of G’Vine Floraison, and finish it off with the tonic of your choice. Depending on your preference, your choice in tonic can determine whether your cocktail is more bitter or sweet. The marriage of gin with Schweppes or Fever Tree is a classic one. Tonic water, based on orange peel and cinchona berry, is available in a variety of flavors that allow you to customize your cocktails to your liking with varying amounts of bitter, spice, fruitiness.

Gin de France
Gin de France

How to make
an outstanding
G’Vine and tonic

To make a truly outstanding G’Vine and tonic, follow these few tips:

  • Use a large chaliced wine glass so the gin’s aromas have room to breathe and grow;
  • Use large ice cubes to limit the dilution of your cocktail;
  • Instead of a lemon wedge, accent your glass with a few grapes which will accentuate the gin’s floral notes.
  • This is a delightful gin and tonic for any occasion, transporting you to a beautiful spring day with its sweet freshness.

Between the roundness of the glass, the roundness of the grapes, and the roundness of G’Vine and tonic, this cocktail is truly perfect!