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the gin in
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G’Vine grows more popular every day which is no surprise given its alluring and surprising use of vine blossoms. Not only do we design our gin with your taste buds in mind, but we also design its bottle to stand out to you from the top shelf in bars and stores.

G’Vine’s packaging is just as important to us as the gin itself. For that reason, Maison Villevert takes a fastidious approach to designing a bottle that lives up to the aromas it contains inside. Its glass tells you a visual story of everything our Gin de France embodies: luxury, refinement, delicacy, innovation, and of course the art de vivre. Come, discover all of the secrets of our treasured green bottle.

Grappes de raisin

Icons of a
spirits brand

We are proud to stand out, proud to hold your attention. We aim to charm you with every facet of our product because we know that you value the packaging for all of the quality and pleasure it promises to deliver with its contents.

A bottle must perform a plethora of services for the gin it houses. The glass must protect from temperature changes and light rays. It must also be solid enough to withstand breaking during transportation, and any shocks that may occur after purchase. Not only that, but its design must do justice to the magnificence of the gin inside. Therefore, G’Vine’s label is recognizable. It inspires your imagination, and invites you on a journey. It is your first introduction to our Gin de France before you even have a chance to taste it. So it is of utmost importance that the bottle and label dazzle you as much as our G’Vine does.

Why is our
bottle green?

Maison Villevert chose a bold green color for G’Vine Floraison’s bottle. It represents the Cognac land from which the gin is born, and alludes to the audacity and creativity of our master distiller, Jean-Sébastien Robicquet.

G’Vine: vine blossoms and grapes

The color is also chosen for the ingredient at the heart of G’Vine: the grape. Green is the color of the vines that grow throughout the Petite and Grande Champagne regions, that bear our vine blossoms in June, and our grapes in September. The transparency of the glass bottle reflects the fresh flavor of our delicately perfumed gin.

Not just a green bottle

Each bottle of G’Vine is numbered, not only to improve accountability, but also to fight against counterfeiting. With minimal inscriptions, the clarity and purity of the glass embodies that of the product.

G’Vine Floraison: not just a name, but an homage to the product itself, “gin,” and “vine.” It is an alluring, modern gin. It appeals to connoisseurs and neophytes alike, to men and to women. Our name, G’Vine lays proudly across the bottle, inviting you to discover what’s inside. The mark “Small Batch,” indicates that what’s inside is precious and super premium – unconventional by nature.

Le Raisin, Ingrédient noble du gin