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G’Vine gin

G’Vine is part of the 1% of gins in the world that are not made from grains, so it’s only natural that this grape based Gin de France stands out among all others.

The French Ugni blanc grapes are what give G’Vine its natural sweetness, making it one of the three most consumed super premium gins in the world. Jump in and discover how Jean-Sébastien Robicquet created this masterpiece that has seduced palates everywhere.

Gin de France

The secrets
of making G'Vine

G’Vine’s premium excellence relies on it’s selection of high quality ingredients. The first crucial element is grape brandy from the precious soil of the Cognac region. Then ten aromatic plants and spices are sourced from the best producers in the world.

Next comes the hallmark of our special Gin de France, the vine blossom. Each grape flower is harvested by hand and examined, retaining only the most pure and beautiful blossoms for G’Vine Floraison’s special flavor.

How do we make our gin?

While making gin can be a relatively simple process, making a super premium gin that has an immediately identifiable signature taste is more complicated and requires much more mastery and precision. Regulating the heat, macerations, and assemblies all rely on the expertise of Jean-Sébastien Robicquet and his team, the heirs to a long tradition of master distillers in the Coganc region.

Brandy production
It all starts with grape harvesting in September. Once picked, the grapes are pressed into juice and turned into wine.
The resulting exceptional quality wine is distilled to obtain a 96.4% alcohol.

In order to make it the purest product possible, the wine is boiled in stainless steel vats where the most noble components separate from the lesser ones in the rectification column. This makes it easy to discard anything that isn’t of the utmost quality. Finally, the four distillations will bring a greater roundness to the grape alcohol, making it the perfect pure, sweet, warm backdrop that is still neutral enough to let aromatic plants and spices express themselves fully.

Gin de France
Gin de France

Macerating plants
and spices

Once the perfect brandy is ready, it’s time to macerate G’Vine’s signature ingredients. The ingredients are separated into families, each one macerating for five days in separate Florentine alembics: the vine blossoms in a special alembic named Flo, the juniper, the spices, and then the plants. Making sure everything stays separate during the maceration process is the only way to guarantee that the purest essence of each flavor remains.

Blending, final distillation, and dilution

After each separate family of ingredients is distilled, Jean-Sébastien Robicquet carefully assembles each distillate in extremely precise proportions. Only master distillers with a trained nose and palate can ensure G’Vine’s perfect balance.

The final blend is put through one last round of distillation in a special alembic named Lily Fleur, further purifying a harmonious gin with a delicate and deep bouquet of flavors. With the best water quality to achieve the ideal alcohol content, the final touch is then filtered, bottled, and labeled.