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Unconventional is the word we pledge ourselves to with a gin that dismisses pre-established norms. Since its beginning in 2006, Maison Villevert and Jean-Sébastien Robicquet have delivered innovation. G’Vine Floraison is the only gin made from grape brandy and vine blossom which give it its unique, round flavor.

Bartenders are inspired by G’Vine’s unconventional nature because they know that any creation and any cocktail is possible. Let the rules be damned! Our Gin de France has been endorsed by mixologists everywhere, playing a role in the revival of cocktail culture. Maison Villevert has struck a chord with customers alike who value the authenticity of small-batch gin. Those who aspire to experience the French art de vivre that honors boldness, originality, and creativity. Each bottle of G’Vine Floraison contains centuries of knowledge and skill passed on through generations of distillers in the Cognac region.

Our gin stands out from the rest. Its unique and instantly recognizable bottle reigns down from behind bars everywhere inviting you to try it. Whether new to the world of spirits or already an established gin lover, absorb yourself in its aromatic depth, its sweetness and delicacy. Find G’Vine in a store near you to discover it in the comfort of your own home with friends. Break the rules just like Maison Villevert has always done. Mix your own drinks, make innovative choices, use our online cocktail name generator to inspire you.

Grappes de raisin

The DNA of an
unconventional Gin

G’Vine Floraison is unlike gin’s Anglo-Saxon iterations. It was born in the country of wine and gastronomy. It’s a Gin de France with unique character, reminiscent of French culture and heritage, and unafraid to break with norms.

In 2006, master distiller Jean-Sébastien Robicquet set out to create a new gin that could breathe fresh air into the world of spirits. And so, at a vineyard located in between Cognac and Bordeaux, Maison Villevert developed G’Vine Floraison.

The goal is to surprise and delight those who drink gin and want to discover more. New flavors and new depths are brought to a product with pure authenticity in a growing gin market. G’Vine is made from grapes instead of grains. Why? Grains might be the easier and cheaper production choice, but grapes bring a natural sweetness to gin, and better accentuate the accenting plants and spices we so carefully curate.

G’Vine is unconventional for more than just its geographical origins and use of grape brandy. The inspiration to use precious vine blossoms as a key ingredient was truly unique and revolutionary. Vine blossoms are delicate and ephemeral, blooming for only five days in June when they must be harvested by hand. They macerate in neutral grape spirit, giving the gin a bewitching floral aroma that invites consumers on a nuanced and flavorful journey.

The ten other ingredients that make up G’Vine’s bouquet of aromas are a symbol of Maison Villevert’s open-minded vision to create a truly unique Gin de France. These ten ingredients, sourced from all over the world, come together with the vine blossoms and ancestral expertise of generations of Cognac region distillers, to form a gin that possesses a surprising and brilliant blend of flavors.

unconventional by nature?

G’Vine combines precision, innovation, and quality– pillars that embody the French culture. It exemplifies long held traditions of beauty, passion, and freedom. Maison Villevert’s team of distillers stands out and impress with the quality of this super premium gin. Try it for yourself. Discover how we take our gin seriously, without succumbing to taking ourselves too seriously. G’Vine is provocative. It’s French!

Le Raisin, Ingrédient noble du gin