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The G’Vine
gin and tonic

A gin and tonic with G’Vine is more than just a cocktail: it’s a flavorful journey that starts at the foot of the Cognac vineyards and continues through the flower beds.

Its effects are as subtle as they are refreshing.

Gin de France

the ultimate
complement to G’Vine

If there’s one cocktail that best honors the alcohol in it, it’s a gin and tonic made with G’Vine. It’s as if this cocktail was designed to bring out the carefully curated notes of G’Vine Floraison.

An ode to spring

Both tonic and G’Vine pay homage to springtime, each in their own way. Tonic is as fresh and sparkling as a spring day while G’Vine transports all of the flavor of June’s flowering vine blossoms. Together, a G’Vine gin and a tonic celebrates the changing of seasons, and the return of spring!

A celebration of vines

Tonic’s round bubbles echo the roundness of G’Vine Floraison’s flavor and the grapes that it’s made of. Gin that’s made from fruit instead of grain warrants nothing less than the sparkling, dancing bubbles of an exquisite tonic. Finish off your glass by garnishing it with a few grapes, perfectly at home in a gin and tonic made from G’Vine Floraison.

The elegance of opposites

A G’Vine gin and tonic is all about complementary characteristics. Tonic’s bitterness highlights the natural sweetness of the grape brandy and vine blossoms of G’Vine Floraison. Opposites that belong together, creating an aromatic harmony in a classic cocktail.

Gin de France
Gin de France

Why is G’Vine
the best gin
for a G&T?

By now you can see, a G’Vine and tonic elevates far beyond the typical gin and Schweppes.

G’Vine Floraison’s distinguished bouquet of floral aromas pair with tonic’s sparkling roundness for a light cocktail that takes you for a stroll through the vineyards on a beautiful spring day.

A multitude of flavors in just a single glass of gin and tonic

At once both gourmet and refreshing, the gin and tonic is a classic cocktail elevated by the many flavors of G’Vine Floraison. We recommend it served in a large wine glass with room to release each of its floral components: juniper, cardamom, licorice, lime, coriander, cubeba berry, nutmeg, cassis, and ginger. Every aroma is delicately enhanced with the addition of Schweppes premium or Fever Tree.