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Who are
our distributors?

We build strong relationships with distributors who not only share our passion for high quality products, but live up to your values as customers.

For that reason we are always looking for relationships to foster in new locations, allowing more of you to discover G’Vine. We invite any professionals interested in distributing our Gin de France to contact us by phone or by using the form below to gather more information about our product and our values.

Gin de France

The growing
gin market

The statistics are undeniable: in 2017, the consumption of super premium gin increased by 18.5% in France.

And in the United Kingdom, it increased by 19% that same year.

The market flourished thanks to a love of cocktails and a desire for new flavors. Independent houses, just like Maison Villevert, worked on their own gins to fulfill this growing desire for intentional and authentic products. We’ve worked to create many partnerships around the world so that G’Vine is available to gin enthusiasts everywhere.

G’Vine: distribution in France

France is a dynamic market for gin. G’Vine Floraison is dealt by our internal distribution team, Renaissance Spirits.
G’Vine has been a member of the premium spirits selection at Monop’, the famous French supermarket chain, known for its local stores.

Gin de France
Gin de France

G’Vine: distribution
around the world

Icon Spirits is located on the Iberian Peninsula, with distribution subsidiaries in Spain.

In April 2018, G’Vine partnered with the Australian distributors Swift + Moor. They share a common philosophy and desire to bring innovative products to Australia’s booming market for craft spirits.

In June 2018, Maison Villevert teamed up with Paragon Brands for distribution in the United Kingdom to guarantee G’Vine’s presence alongside Walsh Whiskey Distillery and Illva Saronno.

As recently as October 2018, we have joined the spirit portfolio of Family Brand Alliance for all of our duty free Travel Retail distribution. We are happy to be among other esteemed brands like Behn Danzka Vodka, Pallini Limoncello, and Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac.

How G’Vine is distributed

If you share the same values as Maison Villevert and you are interested in distributing our products in France or abroad, please do not hesitate to join our network of partners. You can contact us by phone or email, and we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need in order to introduce our unconventional G’Vine to gin lovers in your area.