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What is

Gin de France
made of?

G’Vines production method is very similar to that of other super premium gins, all born from the expertise of master distillers and developed in specific alembics. What sets G’Vine apart from the rest, is the use of grape brandy along with ten aromatic plants and carefully selected spices. Our French gin is particular and revolutionary, recognized and appreciated for its originality around the world.

Grappes de raisin

How are the ingredients
of G’Vine chosen?

As a master distiller, Jean-Sébastien Robicquet’s goal is to create a unique blend that is both plentiful and balanced, and stands apart from the competition. In order to achieve this level of excellence, he favors the use of plants, berries, and spices, instead of opting for powders and essences.

The true DNA of G’Vine rests in the rich heritage of French soil and the grapes that it grows, allowing it to stand out in both the French and international markets. The blend of locally produced brandy and locally harvested vine flowers is completed by aromatic plants and unique spices sourced from around the globe, creating the signature flavor of G’Vine Floraison.

What is
in gin?

Gin is spirit of at least 37.5% alcohol, combining brandy with spices and plants, most notably the famous juniper berry for which it is named.

Grape brandy

The majority of gins are composed of a neutral base alcohol made from fermented grains such as maize, barley, or rye. Maison Villevert wanted to offer a unique and superior alternative by drawing on the spirit’s deep heritage, creating a neutral base alcohol of grape brandy.

Aromatic plants

The only flavor necessary in making gin is the juniper berry. After that, the potential ingredients used to flavor gin are endless, paying homage to the limitless imagination of its master distiller. There can be any number of ingredients, any variation and combination.

Jean-Sébastien Robicquet chooses to include a dozen carefully selected ingredients in his Gin de France. Among them, Macedonian juniper berry renowned for it’s superior aroma. It macerates for five days in brandy until it has revealed all of its nuanced fragrances. Each of the other plants and spices are chosen just as carefully and kept separate during maceration, only to be assembled and distilled in a Florentine alembic.

Vine blossoms

The secret to G’Vine Floraison’s signature aroma is the ephemeral vine blossom. Hand picked every June in France, it brings a surprising roundness to our gin, making it fresh and balanced.

Le Raisin, Ingrédient noble du gin