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a one-of-a-kind gin
made from
grape flowers

Maison Villevert set a new standard in the world of spirits thanks to its spectacular singularity. The grape flower– delicate and precious– gives G’Vine Floraison its originality and its rightful place as one of the top premium gins of the world.

Taste our Gin de France for yourself to understand the magic of vine blossoms! It’s paired with ten other carefully curated ingredients including Macedonian juniper, spices and herbs. Then it’s macerated for five days in neutral grape spirit to achieve G’Vine’s perfectly balanced sweetness.

It is an unconventional bouquet of aromas created to shake up the established order of gin composition and production. G’Vine prioritizes quality and creativity. An embodiment of bold choices, freedom, and refined luxury– all the principal qualities of the French art de vivre. G’Vine Floraison is for those who desire novel flavors and surprising aromas, direct from the heart of one of France’s oldest vineyards.

Grappes de raisin

The excellence of
gin and grapes

The art of distilling gin

Our team at Maison Villevert combines a rich history of distilling in the Cognac region with high quality sophisticated equipment to make sure that their process produces a silky and refined gin. Their mix of Florentine and Charentais inspired alembics are specifically designed to create small batches, ensuring that each quantity of gin produced is carefully crafted with an eye for detail and character.

Developing G’Vine Floraison is no different from creating a rare and precious perfume. Each plant and spice is carefully chosen to play a role in the final mixture. One by one, they are independently macerated into neutral grape spirit before being joined together for the final distillation. The resulting blend is precise and smooth, refined and intentional.

the finest ingredient in gin

G’Vine Floraison’s originality also lies in the hands of a skilled team of people who harvest the fragile vine blossoms. This mastery of the land is passed down from generation to generation, each grape flower hand picked since they are too delicate to be handled by machine.
Setting these graceful flowers against a backdrop of spirit made from Ugni blanc grapes instead of the more common choice of grains, is what provides G’Vine with structure, warmth, and harmony.

High quality Gin de France

G’Vine embodies the French way of life and love of magnificent quality. Therefore, it is not only an ode to French grapes, but a love letter to ten other ingredients found in the greatest reaches of the globe. Each of the ten aromatic plants and spices are sourced from the greatest producers in the world, all coming together in the Cognac region with their local vine blossom for an elegantly balanced composition.

A product born of France and enjoyed by the world

G’Vine Floraison evolved straight from the imagination of Jean-Sébastien Robicquet in 2006 to the delighted palates of gin drinkers around the world. Hailed for its harmonious balance and bold divergence from established traditions, it has become a favorite of bartenders everywhere, and has been awarded by reputable industry specialists.

With an ever-increasing global demand for G’Vine Floraison, Maison Villevert has established partnerships in many countries with Renaissance Spirit in France and Icon Spirits in Spain, striving to make it readily available for you wherever you are. Find it behind the bar in the hands of the best mixologists, in your favorite spirits shop, or the most epicurean e-commerce sites.

Le Raisin, Ingrédient noble du gin