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Does gin freeze?

Does gin freeze?

Temperature questions are of legitimate concern to anyone with a cellar exposed to cold or even negative temperatures. So, will cold temperature freeze gin and irreversibly damage its flavor? The short answer is no. Luckily for you, it takes a lot to turn G’Vine Floraison into ice. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why.

Gin doesn’t freeze under normal storage conditions

Most cellars– especially underground cellars– have very good thermal regulation. This means they never get too cold in winter or too hot in summer. Under these conditions it’s unheard of for your bottles to freeze.
Knowing all that, you don’t have to worry about storing your bottle of French gin in the cold. What’s the worst that can happen if you do?

At what temperature does gin freeze?

Unlike water, alcoholic beverages don’t freeze at 32°F. Temperatures would have to be much colder to transform alcohol from liquid to solid. Freezing temperatures of alcoholic beverages are calculated based on their degree of alcohol: divide this degree by two, then subtract three, and the negative of the resulting number is the temperature at which your drink will freeze.
With its base of neutral grape spirit instead of grain, our French gin is 40% alcohol. Based on the equation we explained above, that means that G’Vine Floraison will freeze at -17°C and below. Those are such low temperatures that you’ll probably never have to worry about your gin freezing.

At what temperature should you store and serve your gin?

Ideally you should store G’Vine at 39-46°F and serve it as soon as it leaves the cellar instead of allowing time for it to warm to room temperature. G’Vine best expresses its freshness and sweet and floral accents when experienced at chilled temperatures.

G’Vine’s expert conservation

Packed in beautiful 70 cl bottles of thick glass, G’Vine Floraison gin is a spirit that combines exceptional taste with excellent durability. You can keep it for years, continuing to enjoy its unique flavor.