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Drinking gin to lose weight: myth or reality?

Drinking gin to lose weight: myth or reality?

Does gin really help you lose weight? It is often recommended to avoid alcohol during a diet. Alcoholic beverages are usually rich in sugar and high in calories. However, gin seems to be an exception to the rule since it has long had a reputation for aiding in weight loss. Is that true or just propaganda?

A slimming effect linked to burning fat

In reality, it’s the juniper that garners gin its weight loss reputation, not the alcoholic content. Juniper plant is a natural antioxidant and diuretic, and therefore it combats water retention. It is also known to improve digestive functions by working to breakdown fats at an intestinal level.

A moderate caloric content

Weight gain is a result of the body taking in more calories than it can burn, and most spirits are known to pack on the pounds with their caloric content. Gin has about 95 calories per 45 ml serving, which is not a small amount but much less than most digestifs. To counteract gin’s caloric content, all you need to do is limit the amount of unhealthy snacks you eat while you drink. Common tabletop snacks like peanuts and desserts are very rich in fat and salt.

Pay attention to what you mix with your gin

If you’re watching your weight, it’s important to choose your gin cocktail carefully, since it is often the fruit juice, liquid sugar, and other alcohols mixed in that have the most calories. A G’Vine and tonic is not only tasty and refreshing, but it’s low in calories since it’s only embellished with ice cubes and tonic.

Is G’Vine an unusual weight loss product?

G’Vine is different from other gins because of its unique composition of grape brandy, vine blossom, juniper, and other aromatic plants and spices. Each ingredient is carefully chosen: nutmeg, coriander, ginger root, cassia, green cardamom, licorice, lime, and cubeba berries. A moderate consumption of G’Vine does not lead to weight gain, however, it is important to remember that a healthy diet and physical activity are the only way to really lose weight.