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Gin and Scrabble

Gin and Scrabble

Word games and palate pleasers. If we tell you all you need is a glass of G’Vine to boost your Scrabble scores you’ll probably think we’re referring to the drink’s ETHYL content. Take the time to count the points in the word ETHYL and you’ll quickly understand why Scrabble and gin are a winning duo.

Scrabble: from passion comes success

To prove that passion is the greatest weapon of victory, let’s go back to the word game’s origins. Alfred Mosher Butts was an architect until the 1929 stock market crash left him unemployed. Passionate about letters and anagrams, he created Lexico in 1933– a precursor to the Scrabble he would eventually invent in 1948. Follow his lead and let yourself be guided by your passions to take you straight to success.

Find inspiration in your emotions

Scrabble has no doubt livened up a few of your winter nights. The competition, the camaraderie, drawing high point letters– it all quickly provokes excitement and tension. Serve yourself a glass of G’Vine garnished with some grapes, and dazzle your friends and family with your lexical acrobatics inspired by the enchanting sweetness of vine blossoms. If the body is HEADY, the aroma is EXHILARATING. A SILKY SPIRIT is born from a JUICY grape. It is the result of a QUEST for EXCELLENCE, a UNIQUE drink with COMPLEX notes. With or without a SHAKER, and with or without lemon ZEST, this drink will satisfy gin NEOPHYTES who refuse the STATUS QUO and long for an EXQUISITE COCKTAIL. G’Vine stands apart from WHISKEY, SCOTCH, VODKA, and TEQUILA, for is EXCEPTIONAL LUXURY.

With only 7 letters in your hand it can sometimes be hard to express all of your emotions on the board. But if you share your passion for words over a drink, you may be able to enjoy the intoxicating effect G’Vine has on your competitors, with its SILKY and fruity EXHALE thanks to the QUINTESSENTIAL vine blossom.