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Gin and honey: a valuable combination

Gin and honey: a valuable combination

Gin isn’t just the base of fresh, celebratory cocktails. It’s also used in comforting drinks that will keep you warm all winter long. Mix it with honey for a delicious and soothing grog.

The ideal cold weather cocktail recipe

drinking a grog of gin and honey can relieve you of cold symptoms and a sore throat. Although it is true that gin contains juniper– which is a naturally antiseptic plant– the spirit’s medicinal effectiveness has never been scientifically proven. However, it is true that drinking a hot beverage can help to relieve coughing, and the sluggish feeling you get from moderate alcohol consumption can help you sleep. As for honey, this product of the hive stimulates immune defenses and fights against bacterial propagation.

How to prepare a gin and honey cocktail

To warm up during a cold winter night, you can prepare the following recipe: pour 6 cl of French gin into a bowl or mug;
add a teaspoon of liquid honey, plus the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon; fill with boiling water and mix well before drinking this grog in small sips.

Which gin should you use?

To prepare the best honey grog, you have to use the best ingredients. G’Vine is the only gin made with neutral grape spirit and an infusion of vine blossoms. These two ingredients give it a delicate aroma that’s much sweeter and more subtle than that of grain-based gin. Our French gin is made up of nine additional spices and herbal extracts: ginger, coriander, licorice, cassia root, cardamom, cubeba and juniper berries, nutmeg, and lime.

G’Vine Kolmena: another gin and honey cocktail

You don’t need to drink a warm comforting grog to experience the killer combination of gin and honey. You can also make the famous Kolmena cocktail, an exclusive recipe made with G’Vine Floraison, vine blossom liquor, vermouth, and honey, and topped off with lime and ginger.