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What to eat with gin

What to eat with gin

The art of pairing food and alcohol has become quite popular. It has a well-established following among wine and beer consumers and is now growing in the world of spirits. Gin is a spirit ideal for mixing. As long as ingredients are chosen thoughtfully and with harmony in mind, gin can accompany your entire meal from the finest dish to the most spicy.

A new vision of gin

Made with neutral grape spirit and distilled vine blossoms, G’Vine is known for its round botanical flavors. Its sensory qualities play with bitterness, freshness, and acidity, enhancing and prolonging their flavors. It is silkier than grain alcohol, and is a creative choice for some of the most exquisite cocktails. With rich, sweet, fruity flavors, G’Vine cocktails mingle with fine food to reveal new flavors upon every bite.

An introduction to the art of balanced pairing

Titillate your taste buds by coupling a G’Vine and tonic with a refreshing and easy-to-prepare, bite-sized appetizer: coat green grapes in fresh goat cheese with finely chopped basil, and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds.

Let’s continue with a prosciutto di Parma and tomato mille-feuille with a hint of olive oil and coriander. It’s a delicious Mediterranean treat that will harmonize perfectly with the most Italian cocktail – the Negroni. For saltier flavors, try drinking a Tom Collins. Thai-style paprika shrimp or smoked salmon with cucumber and fresh mint cream combine subtly with the lemony fresh flavors of a Tom Collins.

For dessert, serve a Gin & Ginger. The gentle spice of fresh ginger will pair beautifully with the rich bitterness of dark chocolate mousse. Delight your guests with a surprising encore by enlightening them to yet another facet of gin. Prepare an ice cold infusion of G’Vine Floraison and strawberries for a fresh finale. And because gin has endless possibilities, offer your friends an afternoon drink of Five O’Clock G’Vine. It blends G’Vine with Earl Gray tea, for a touch of French art de vivre with a touch of British high tea.