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How to choose the right gin ?

How to choose the right gin ?

Just like wine, not all gins taste the same. Each spirit has its own characteristics, aromas, tastes, roundness, and even color. Whether you want to enjoy your favorite spirit in a cocktail or  on the rocks , you must choose a high quality product.

The base of a successful cocktail

To accompany a refined meal you would certainly choose a grand cru, so why not have such high standards for your aperitif? Even if mixed with other ingredients, gin must be of unmatched quality under all circumstances. Different types of alcohols obtain different colors, aesthetics, and flavors. As many distilled spirits often contain artificial flavors, it is best to consult the list of ingredients and opt for the most natural recipe.

Even more flavor

If there is an alcohol that makes the most use of additional ingredients, it’s gin. The tradition of distilling Dutch spirits has led to the art of enriching original flavors with a multitude of aromatic plants and spices. In addition to juniper berries, there’s also nutmeg and even pepper. The signature taste of each gin is dependent on the type of ingredients used in distillation. Plymouth is known for its sweet and tangy taste, while London Dry is characteristically dry and spicy.

Artisanal production is the key to excellent quality

What if your favorite drink was made in an assembly-line without the ingredients being regulated in terms of their nature and preservation method? It’s unimaginable! And yet, many products on the market are developed industrially, much to the detriment of their quality. Only artisanal production methods can guarantee the high and consistent quality that connoisseurs expect.

A moment of excellence with G’Vine

Unlike other spirits that are made from fermented grains, G’Vine is made from a base of neutral grape alcohol. This crucial difference is what makes G’Vine so fresh and such an excellent base to fully explore the subtleties of added aromatic plant and spice flavors. With its floral notes and subtle spice, G’Vine lends itself to a multitude of pairings like citrus juices or spicy mixes.