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Gin and Red Bull: a cocktail that will keep you going until dawn

Together, gin and Red Bull make an energetic and delicious combination that brings out everyone’s inner night owl. These cocktails are increasingly popular since they keep the party going all night. It’s best to approach these drinks as a treat, indulging only once in a while.

G’Vine and Red Bull

G’Vine’s natural bouquet of fragrance is derived from plants, berries, spices, and fruits. Its characteristic sweetness is matched by the sweet taste of Red Bull’s carbonated mineral water. Their marriage creates a cocktail with an unmatched sweet silkiness that sparkles in your glass and in your veins!

Une rencontre, deux recettes

To drink a G’Vine and Red Bull, you can order either of the following drinks:

  • an Aperol Life also contains Aperol, and is flavored with orange and fresh cherries
  • ua Cicciarito has red vermouth, curacao, triple sec, and Sweet and Sour

The combined effects of caffeine, taurine, vitamin B and alcohol

G’Vine and Red Bull is famous for packing quite a punch. It’s no surprise since it contains three particularly energizing ingredients whose effect are increased tenfold by mixing with alcohol:

  • Caffeine: you can thank caffeine for being able to dance until dawn. It stimulates the nervous system but is harmless when consumed in small doses. When abused or absorbed with alcohol it may cause an increase in heart rate.
  • Taurine: this amino acid derivative enhances the effect of caffeine.
  • Vitamin B: this vitamin helps the human body to transform the nutrients it absorbs into energy.

An energetic cocktail to consume with moderation

Adding an energy drink to alcohol reinforces its stimulating characteristics while counteracting the drowsiness that often follows cocktail consumption. In addition, gin enhances the energizing effect that caffeine naturally possesses. Because of these combined effects it is best not to abuse this combination too often and only consume it in moderation for exceptional occasions!