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What is gin’s alcohol percentage?

What is gin’s alcohol percentage?

Alcoholic beverages are categorized by their alcohol percentage based on how much alcohol is present in a certain volume. Gin and vodka are both 37.5° alcohol content, similar to tequila, and slightly lower than whiskey, pastis, and rum. By comparison, wine is around 13°, and beer is 4-7°.

The importance of being cautious

Pleasure is at its finest when approached with moderation. The first bite is always the best, isn’t it? For your health and the health of those around you, it is important to maintain control over your alcohol consumption. It is unacceptable to drive or operate vehicles if you’ve had too much to drink. Increased risk of cancer, cardiovascular conditions, brain damage, and cirrhosis of the liver are all consequences that can be avoided by consuming alcohol with moderation.

Official recommendations regarding alcohol consumption

The World Health Organization has some stern recommendations to maintain a healthy level of alcohol consumption. Men are advised not to exceed three units of alcohol per day, and women are advised not to exceed two units. Everyone should have one alcohol-free day per week, and pregnant or breast feeding women should abstain all together. The average amount of gin in our recommended cocktails is 45 ml (1.3 units), so therefore you can consume a G’Vine cocktail six days out of seven and know that you are drinking responsibly.

Neutral grape spirit and G’Vine’s other ingredients

G’Vine’s unique recipe stands out because its base of neutral grape spirit provides a sweeter and rounder flavor than the average grain-based gin. It was a bold choice to shake up conventions by using grapes to create a product that’s authentic to our character. The sweet, silkiness of vine blossoms adds a refreshing and exotic touch to the nine other plants and spices that make up our French gin.