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What does gin taste like?

What does gin taste like?

When gin was first developed in 16th century Netherlands, it had an alcohol percentage of over 50°. The high percentage of alcohol ensured that it would be well preserved during shipping. Surprisingly, it also limited the risk of explosion if it came into contact with gunpowder. Today’s gin is typically made of grain liquor in which the infamous juniper berry and other aromatic plants macerate to create its signature flavor. G’Vine, however, is made from neutral grape alcohol with vine blossoms and nine other spices and herbs. Its unique balance and floral character give it a particular softness that stands out from other gins.

Why is G’Vine produced with grape alcohol?

Jean-Sébastien Robicquet is our master distiller, creator, and visionary behind G’Vine. He dares to be unconventional, to break rules, and to create products that are unmatched in flavor. G’Vine is made from a base of neutral grape spirit which gives it that sweet and silky taste we’ve come to know and love. What makes it so different from a more traditional grain-based gin? Imagine biting into a wheat grain. Then imagine biting into a grape seed. Think about how sweet and refreshing the latter is. How it’s texture is so smooth and velvety. Now you understand what makes our flavor so unique.

Plants and spices: a symphony of flavors

Gin’s best-known ingredient and flavor is the juniper berry, which is also known for its digestive properties in food preparation. In addition to juniper, we have carefully selected an assortment of plants renowned for their sensory bouquets. Among them: lemon, cardamom, ginger, and nutmeg. The key element in our signature taste is the unique and unmatched vine blossom. Its flavor works in perfect harmony with the neutral grape spirit base, bringing its captivating aroma to every bottle.

Complementing blends

Although G’Vine gin can be enjoyed on its own, it also brings an added layer of flavor when mixed with other quality ingredients. Its refreshing character is perfect for summer cocktails with sparkling water and fruity aromas, or for a more acidic Martini or gin and tonic. G’Vine mixes well with anything, making your cocktail possibilities endless.