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French lifestyle #Gvine #Lifestyle #Chic
Greenery art
France isn't just a country, it's a state of mind #Escape #SouthWest
Reimagining the classics, recipes are starting points. In the spirit of G'Vine feel free to challenge covention ! #Cocktail #Martini
It's time for a G'Vine Cocktail #Gvine #Gin #Cocktail #StBarth
G'Vine Gin is the taste of modern France
10 extraordinary flavours in perfect harmony
Madrid Fashion Week !! #Fashion #Gvine
A delicious food pairing with green Macarons #French #Food
G'Vine at ARCO Madrid
What better way to celebrate gin than G'Vine Nouaison !
French escape by the pool #SouthWest #Relax
Welcome to Villervert - where the love of wine and spirit meet. #France #Cognac
#Grapes #Gvine
When people think of France they don't simply think of a country on a map. They think of an attitude, a style, a culture. #France #Lifestyle
G'Vine Gin celebrates Berlin's lifestyle #Gvine

I created G’Vine because I was not fully satisfied, as a Frenchman, by the gin offer. I wanted to have something elegant and pleasant for my palate.

Being unconventional means breaking the barriers, being innovative, fully understanding where you’re coming from, what you are doing, knowing what your story is and where you are going.

Jean-Sébastien Robicquet
Founder and Master Distiller, G’Vine

G'Vine celebrates those who challenge conventions, discover the vision and the inspiration of a few industry luminaries

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