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Gin de France

Our blog is written for gin lovers who are passionate and want to know more about G’Vine, the unique grape-based gin. Whether an expert or new to spirits, this is where you can come to find detailed explanations of G’Vine’s character, its history, and its values. You can also read anecdotes, and all the latest news concerning our Gin de France– unconventional by nature.

Gin: everything
you need to know

Gin’s strength lies in its ability to appeal to all audiences, whether connoisseurs or not. This spirit has enjoyed a modern reimagining thanks to all of its newer aromatic variations, and super premium gins like G’Vine which makes the possibilities of inventive cocktails endless.

Our blog exists as a learning space to inform you about gin, and in particular, about our Gin de France. We discuss market trends and developments, as well as cocktail recipes. We also feature bartender testimonials with stories, techniques, and secrets of using G’Vine to surprise their customers with the craziest cocktails. Please do not hesitate to contact Maison Villevert for more information on G’Vine or to locate G’Vine at a distributor near you.

Tout savoir sur le Gin
Tout savoir sur le Gin

Where else can you find
information about gin?

The internet is full of informative resources about this famous juniper-based spirit. Its rich history inspires drinkers to share their discoveries and experiments. There is also a great deal of literature concerning gin in all its facets, from the selection of ingredients to techniques and the history of distillation.

Mixology also plays an important role in disseminating information about gin. In fact, the first instructional mixology manual dates as far back as 1862. Cocktail recipe books have widely democratized the art of drink mixing, and can help you develop your own original cocktails making you the perfect host.