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Both creatively crafted with grapes and vine flowers, the two unique expressions of G'Vine Gin sharea characteristic smoothness, yet are utterly individual.


Fresh &



The name Floraison means “flowering”, the key moment in the life cycle of the vine and the perfect description for a gin that is fresh and floral, refreshing yet round and smooth, evoking the very essence of springtime in the vineyards, when the air is filled with fragrance of blossoming vine flowers.

A unique gin that surprises both connoisseurs and those new to gin, at an elegant 40% ABV, G’Vine Floraison is equally enjoyed at home in a refreshing Gin & Tonic and a summer cocktail.


Intense &



Nouaison means “setting”, the beautiful metamorphosis stage from aromatic flower to luscious berry. Capturing the poised energy of the grape’s evolution.

Complex, intense and spicy, G’Vine Nouaison is for gin connoisseurs an original and elegant alternative to traditional dry gin. With its bold 43.9% ABV and rich mouth feel, it’s the definitive base for countless classic cocktails, such as the Negroni, as well as providing inspiration for new creations.


The G’Vine G&T

What could be simpler than mixing a Gin & Tonic ? A classic drink enjoyed all around the world.
Made with G’Vine Floraison at its heart and with a few significant details in the serve, the classic Gin & Tonic is transformed, delivering a true sensory experience.

Pay attention to the glass – a large, rounded wine glass works best appropriately acknowledging the grape as well as fully capturing the complex aromas. Fill it with big ice cubes. Add 40 ml of G’Vine Floraison (the bottle cap acts as a convenient measure). Top with a premium tonic. And garnish with fresh white grapes. Et voilà !

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